Compliance Audit/Gap Analysis

Compliance audits performed by PSS address all 14 elements of the PSM standard. Our experience has found we can expect 10-20 gaps, depending on the facility, that could result in OSHA or EPA violations. A violation of the OSHA 1910.119 standard is considered serious in nature and therefore can result in a fine ranging from $12,934 to $129,336 each. The PSS audit/gap analysis has an excellent return on your investment not only in avoidance of government citations and penalties, but the time involved for abatement, plus the negative impact a government news release could have on the reputation of your company in the community.

Our lead auditor brings this knowledge with 25 years of industry experience plus 5 years as an OSHA PSM compliance specialist with over 200 Chemical and Refinery National Emphasis Compliance Audits and inspections. Our unique background allows us to conduct compliance evaluation and provide solutions that result in the continuous improvement in process safety, with an emphasis on program implementation.  Understanding and addressing gaps in your process safety programs lead to safer facilities, high morale, and the retention of highly skilled and trained personnel.


The PSS Compliance Audit/Gap Analysis follows a three-step process:

Step 1: Information Collection

Our safety engineers and professionals work closely with site personnel to collect pertinent Process Safety Information (PSI) required for the audit. Information needed may include process descriptions, flow diagrams, process hazard analysis, site equipment layout drawings, and written policies and procedures.

Step 2: Site Visit 

The auditor(s) will visit the site for a physical audit. During this visit, the auditor(s) will complete record reviews, make visual observations, and conduct interviews with site operations, production, and maintenance personnel, in order to evaluate compliance. For OSHA and EPA compliance, a detailed checklist will be completed following all aspects of the standards.

Step 3: Reports and Documentation

The average onsite audit ranges from 3-5 days depending on the number of process units being audited.  At the end of the site visit, a review of the preliminary findings or gaps will be presented to the client’s staff personnel. PSS engineers will offer insight and recommendations appropriate to advance the site’s programs based on the regulatory requirements and industry best practice. The auditor(s) will then submit a written final report to the client that contains findings, observations, and suggestions concerning any deficiencies found.