Compliance audits are mandated by OSHA’s PSM regulation and EPA’s RMP rule, but they shouldn’t be thought of as a mandatory checklist to cross off your to-do list. Click the button above to learn how PSS utilizes audits to provide solutions that result in continuous improvement of your PSM and RMP program.

Process Hazard Analysis

Each PSM covered facility is required to conduct a revalidation PHA every 5 years to evaluate new hazards in your process. Learn why our process safety professionals are the top choice for your next PHA by clicking the button above!

Operating Procedures

Processes evolve and change throughout the life of a facility, and those changes should be reflected in your operating procedures. With operating procedures being such an important resource for your team, click the button above to learn how PSS can help.


Want to increase your knowledge on process safety? PSS is an international provider of training services designed to help our clients identify and manage risks at their facility. Click the button above to learn why PSS provides the most effective and applicable safety training.


Need help determining what EPA RMP program level your facility needs to comply with? Overwhelmed with OSHA’s PSM regulation and requirements? Our safety professionals are here to help you navigate both OSHA and EPA regulations. Click the button above to learn more!

Mechanical Integrity

Maintaining the mechanical integrity of your equipment is key to ensuring everything works as intended to prevent the consequences of catastrophic releases. Click the button above to learn how PSS can help you with your MI program!